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after getting my chronic illness diagnoses…

We decided to have children and I was met with another setback: I needed medical intervention to get pregnant (unrelated of my other health issues).

So we went through the process of getting fertility treatment, managed to get pregnant (!), and at 9.5 weeks we miscarried. It was utterly devastating. I couldn't trust my body to do anything right. And I went through a period of not knowing whether or not I was a mother… I had been pregnant so I knew what it was like to carry a child, but I had no baby to show for it.

After the miscarriage, my pregnancy hormones were monitored and they never went down, my body still thought I was pregnant.

This led to more tests and more doubt around my body. After several months we learned that the miscarriage was a partial molar pregnancy and required chemo and we'd have to wait to try again for 6 months and go on birth control during that time… and I hit my bottom.

BUT that’s also when the magic happened - I learned to let my soul shine!

FINALLY after chemo working, weekly blood draws, waiting for 6 months, and 3 more rounds of fertility treatment… I now have a beautiful daughter named Lily :)

Infertility and miscarriage are incredibly difficult experiences. If you are experiencing this, I'd love to support you.