if you’ve come to this page because…

  • You want to live a better quality of life (because it IS possible despite your illness!)

  • You want to feel like yourself again

  • You want to let your SOUL SHINE

…Then you're IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

how do you want to feel?

I remember being asked in a coaching session “how do you want to feel”? And I was floored… I don’t get to choose, my body just does what it wants!

Well, in coaching you get to CHOOSE how you want to FEEL! And it’s my job to help you get there.


  • Who you want to be

  • How you want to improve

  • And where you want to be in 6 months!

You are NOT your illness, and your options are limitless!


Angela Rose

As a registered nurse; I was VERY particular about who I receive guidance from and Kelly is a woman that I am proud to call a coaching colleague. I have worked closely with her on a personal level and not only is she highly skilled at getting to the root of what is standing in the way, she asks just the right questions to help remove perceived obstacles. But there is another important edge that Kelly has: She just "gets it." She has walked through the fire herself and has come out smiling---I mean, HELLO! Have you seen her dimples?!? She always remains kind and compassionate while pushing me to my best. Keep smiling, Kelly…

what is coaching?

You hire a coach to help you reach your goals.

Coaches act as mirrors for what you want and accountability partners to get you there.

"Coaching is simply the VEHICLE that gets the person from where they are in their life now to where they want to be—the DESTINATION." - International Coaching Federation

So I'll ask you… "what do you WANT?" in your health, your career, your life? How do you want to let your soul shine?

how does coaching work?

You show up. Bring all your shit to the table and we'll work on it. Be honest, be open, and be ready to work. We set goals and reach them.

We have regular calls together (usually weekly)

On our coaching calls, we'll set goals for where you want to be and how you want to show up.

These goals are customized to you and often shift during our time together.

  • It'll be supportive! I'll support you in meeting your goals and hold you accountable

  • You'll be heard! I'll listen, provide thoughts, comfort, and nudge you to move forward

  • It'll be fun! We talk about wanting to be happier, wanting to feel better, and actually get you there!

  • You commit to action steps! After our calls you’ll put your thoughts into action and really take steps to move forward

  • It'll be funny! I mean, my cane's name is Candy the Cane, I've got a sense of humor and although we go deep, we keep things light!

  • You’ll get out an outside perspective to help you see what’s really in your way and get you moving forward!

  • We’ll connect your mind and body to help increase your quality of life

  • You’ll learn how to THRIVE despite your illness!


Gillian carter

I started working with Kelly Fullerton and within one month, I’ve been able to reduce pain flares drastically, spend twice as much time on my exercise bike, walk for 40 minutes instead of 20, and enjoy a Pilates class once a week. By connecting what is going on in my mind to my body, I’m able to take back control of my pain and stress levels, find my centered breathing and accept any pain without judgement. I feel stronger, freer, and acutely more aware of the connection between mind, body, breathing, and pain. I’m so grateful for Kelly’s powerful coaching to help managing my chronic pain and stress levels – I can take these tools she’s given me and move forward to continually take care of my body and mind.

is this right for you?

I love working with people who:

  • Want to make a change

  • Are fed up with feeling stuck

  • Want a better quality of life

  • And are willing to do the work to get there

  • Want to feel better

  • Want to let their SOULS SHINE

This is NOT for people who:

  • Feel like their situation will never change

  • Don't do the follow up

  • Don't prioritize their health

  • Will continue letting their illness define who they are

  • Want a quick fix

  • Think this is just another thing that won't work


What packages do you offer?

We create this together. Let’s talk about your goals and make it work for you!

Each package includes weekly 60 min coaching sessions

  • Audio or video call based on your preference

  • Unlimited email and text support

  • Access to worksheets and guided mind-body visualizations

"Don't ever make decisions based on fear. Make decisions based on hope and possibility. Make decisions based on what should happen, not what shouldn't." - Michelle Obama

I'm ready to really feel better, let's do this!


It's a journey, let's take it together!

  • Letting your soul shine despite illness is a journey and I'd be honored to walk it with you.

  • Feel free to ask me alllll the questions, and share your fears… and excitement!

  • Just promise me you won't read this and say "maybe someday"… whatever is in the way, let's work through it together.

  • If you're ready to feel better, let's see how we can make this work for you NOW!


carrie schenk

My lovely friend Kelly Fullerton offered me a chance to work with her as she began her career as a health coach helping those suffering with chronic illness and ongoing health problems. I had no idea what to expect going in (if I'm being completely honest, I didn't think it would help at all) but have been in awe of the way it has helped with my mindset, feelings and emotions. If you suffer from chronic illness then you know how frustrating and difficult it can be and what a negative place it can lead you to. If you're feeling stuck with your health, please reach out to her. She is an incredible resource and I am so proud of the amazing work she's doing- and helping me to do!