I'm Kelly Fullerton

Coach & CEO of Journey to Soulshine Coaching, LLC

Chronic illness warrior, infertility/miscarriage survivor, and mind-body mindfulness master


I'm a New Yorker living in Denver with my husband Joe, daughter Lily, and pups Rogue & Ranger.

We love spending time in the mountains and the beach, playing games with friends, and traveling (I've been to 41 countries!).

Before my health issues I used to be an athlete. Now I have Rogue as my service pup, I bring my cane (Candy the Cane) with me, and we still travel. We travel differently, but we still travel!

People say I'm: authentic, curious, open, thoughtful, and I have a guiding energy <3

I’ve always had a desire to help people. As a Coach I’m combining my professional and life experiences to help people feel better. I absolutely love when my clients see results and hit their goals!

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